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Temporary Visa

The L-1 Visa is a popular visa for international corporations. It allows the corporations to transfer some of their key employees to the United States. A U.S. office is required, but it does not have to be as large as the home office. I have been able to get an L-1 Visa approved for a one-person office as well as large U.S. offices with many workers. Another name for this visa is the Intracompany transferee visa. This visa is a temporary visa.

How does the L-1 Visa work?

There are different types of visas; an L-1A Visa for for executives and managers that are being transferred to the U.S. by their parent corporation. The L-1B visa is for workers with "specialized knowledge". The L-2 Visa gives your family- children (under 21 and unmarried) and spouses a chance to live in the United States. They may even attend school.

The L-1 Visa is a visa made available to key employees of non-U.S. businesses. If you are a key employee of that business, you may live and work in the United States legally for a certain amount of time. How long may your remain in the United States? the L visa is valid for three (3) years. the good news, it can also be extended.

An L-1 Visa could lead to legal permanent residence (LPR)

I have been able to adjust the status of some of my clients from an L-1 visa to legal permanent residence. I know how, and I can help you become a legal resident if you like. Five years later, you can become a United States citizen.

What about family members?

They can join you in the United States. I might also be able to convert them to legal residency from the L Visa as well, depending on their age and maritial status. There are lots of roads in immigration law. If you know how to travel through the maze, you can take advantgage of the full benefits and live a good life, legally, in the United States. And it all started with the L1 Visa.