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The H-1B visa is for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, scientists, engineers, teachers, and other licensed professionals. It is a visa for those with important specialized training. A technology specialist and even a sales representative in a technical field, can also apply for the H-1B visa. The H-1B is a temporary visa. But, it can be renewed. The problem with the H-1B visa is that every year the quota for this group is quickly filled. So, it is a good idea to apply as soon as possible.

H-1B visa is quite popular but limited to 65,000 per year. Apply early

What is required to apply?

The H-1B visa is for those that have a U.S. bachelor's degree. Also permitted, is a degree from a non-U.S. school. Education is a strong requirement that you must have, and then, a job offer from the "sponsor". This is usually a hospital, some american medical institution that will stand next to you and offer you a job.

The hospital or medical institution must submit paperwork to USCIS (U.S.citizen and Immigration Service), and every detail is looked at closely. What else is required? We have to research and find out what the prevailing wage is as determined by the Department of Labor. The offer must be for the prevailing wage. In other words, what do most people earn that do your type of work? That is called the prevailing wage and protects you and American workers from businesses that might try to offer low wages.

Can I take family with me?

Yes, family members can join you under the H-4 Visa. Children can attend school also on this visa.

Should I file the paperwork myself?

I do not recommend trying to save money this way. It is a complex process and should be handled by someone with many years of experience. At Punancy & Cosentino, we have over 25 years of filing all types of visas successfully. Call us for a free consultation at 305-461-4349 or email us at immigration@bellsouth.net

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