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Immigration Services

Visa Miami lawyer

US Visas

We can help you to get a legal Visa to work and live in USA. You can visit our Temporary and Permanent Work visas setions and give us a call so we can help you.

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Miami Immigration Lawyers

Helping Families

There are many legal options that we can explain to you so you can bring your family to live and work in USA. We are your best option as Immigration attorneys in Miami.

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If you have a court, we can help you. Asylum relief, Cancellation of Removal or adjustment status. We can help you legally to live and work in USA.

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Miami Coral Gables Immigration Lawyers

Our Lawyers

We are an experienced and effective immigration attorneys in Miami; more than 25 years expertise and expierence in processing every kind of visa.

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Miami Immigration Lawyers

Finally, How to Live and Work in the United States Legally!

Let me show you the BEST way to Live and Work legally in the United States. I am an expert with the I-130, H Visa, R Visa, L-1 Visa, O-1 Visa, P-1 Visa, E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5 visas, every visa. Whether you are a Student, Executive, Religious worker, investor, employee, I can help.

I have helped thousands of people become legal residents and U.S. citziens. Whether through an I-130 family petition, an EB-5 Visa for investors, an E-2 for business owners, a professional H1-B for professionals & specialists, the O Visa helping those with extraordinary ability, L-1 visa for employees , the P visa for athletes, artists and entertainers, or an R Visa for Religious workers, and an L-1 visa for those investing in the U.S., I have helped thousands of people to Live and work in the United States legally. I have practiced immigration law successfully for 27 years. I can help you. Call me for a free consultation. Our office is located in Coral Gables Fl. (Miami)

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Karlene Punancy, Esq,

27 years experience with all types of visas:

eb5 visa, e2 visa, l1 visa, h visa, p visa, o visa, family visa

How do I start?

Who are you? Are you a priest or minister looking to serve a congregation in the U.S. with an R-1 visa? Are you looking to invest money in the U.S.? The EB-5 and L-1 visas can help you. Are you a professional with extraordiary talents? The O Visa was created just for you. Maybe you want to perform in the U.S. on a P Visa, or you are a hospital worker or nurse- the H Visas work wonderfully for this purpose. Look around the website for more specific information. But, the best way to achieve your goals is to get a free professional consultation with Karlene Punancy, Esq., an attorney practicing immigration law for more than 27 years successfully. She has clients all over the world and speaks Spanish and French fluently.

How to live and work in the United States Legally

There are many ways to live and work in the U.S. legally.

It can be done through a family member, also known as a family petition. Receiving a job offer from a U.S. employer, is another popular way. The E Visa, and the H Visa are a few examples of work visas.

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Investing in this country.

This can also bring legal residence to you and your family. This program is know as the EB-5 investor program. This program, when done correctly, leads to U.S. citzienship for the investor and the entire family!

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For those traveling to the United States.

There are many visas available. There are visas that are called “non-immigrant visas”. These visas allow you to live and work here legally, but expire at some point. In some cases, temporary visas can even lead to legal permanent status, if handled correctly. Examples are R Visas, E Visas, I Visas, L Visas, O Visas, P Visas,

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